Saffron glass jars have been used for packaging in the saffron industry for some time. According to what was said in the article on advantages of saffron glass jars, this is a review article on disadvantages of the saffron glass jar is studied to conclude whether they are suitable material for packaging an expensive spice such as saffron.

1. Body structure of saffron glass jars :

In addition to being heavy, the body structure of saffron glass jars is very fragile. When they break, the products inside them cannot be used. The heavy body weight of saffron glass jars makes their transportation difficult and exorbitantly costly.

2. saffron glass jars lids :

These are usually made of cork, which is certainly not harmless. Because of their molecular structure, cork stoppers strongly absorb saffron smell and aroma. There are worms in cork that make it unsuitable for packaging saffron or any other product as these worms spoil them. That is why cork stoppers are used for alcoholic drinks: emission of gases such as methane from the alcoholic drinks kills the worms in the cork.

disadvantages of glass jars 2

3. Secondary packaging for saffron glass jars :

Due to the fragility of saffron glass jars, the secondary packaging materials entail heavy expenses so that the customer and consumer receive intact glass containers. Velvet boxes are usually used as secondary packaging for saffron in glass jars. Due to the heavy weight of this type of secondary packaging for saffron glass jars, transportation costs increase further. Therefore, this secondary packaging is used for giving special gifts.

disadvantages of glass jars 3

4. Lack of diversity in saffron glass jars :

the molds for the production of saffron glass jar are very expensive. That is why there is no diversity in saffron glass jar, and no new and attractive designs are not introduced for them. And this is one of the important disadvantages of saffron glass jars

5. Raw materials for saffron glass jars and their effects on sales :

Since the raw materials for producing saffron glass jars are imported, the final cost for this product is high and not economical. Glass jars produced in Iran are of low quality and heavy and are used for products such as jams. Lightweight and Pyrex containers are usually produced in foreign countries such as China. And this disadvantage of saffron glass jars is very important for exporters.

Conclusions and the suggest offered by Sadaf Pack Company

Taking the advantages and disadvantages of saffron glass jars into account, we conclude that they are by no means suitable for exporting saffron or any other product and can only be used for expensive gifts and for special people. The Sadaf Pack Company invites the exporters and consumers to use the polycrystalline and metallic containers that it produces because they are lightweight, have reasonable prices, are available in different designs, and have other special and unique features.

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