Chocolate is one of the most popular snacks in the world. The most important producers of chocolate in the world are Switzerland, Belgium and England. Some of the largest manufacturers of chocolate packaging boxes in the UK use the strangest and most special materials to produce and supply the most expensive types of chocolate packaging containers. The story of chocolate entering the UK and becoming one of the most consumed food in this country is very interesting. In this article, we suggest that in addition to this topic, you get acquainted with the packaging and working methods of the suppliers of chocolate packaging containers so that you can sell your chocolate packaging containers better and more in the UK.

Using chocolate has a long history and the Mayo-Chinchipe culture in Ecuador ate a material made of cocoa 5000 years ago. Over time and by the development of human civilization, Mayan people used chocolate in their hot drinks as in modern drinks. But How Did Chocolate Get to Europe and Uk? The first shipment of chocolate that arrived in Uk was mistaken for sheep feces. People set fire to that delicious and expensive cargo that came from Spain in the 16th century. If it was not for that mistake the people of Uk might have enjoyed the taste of chocolate several years earlier.

When chocolate first arrived in Uk, merely the people of the higher class could eat chocolate and chocolate packaging in Uk was quite luxurious.

Is Chocolate Really Made of Cocoa Bean?

Cultivating and producing cocoa beans is quite difficult and this plant grows in a tropical and sultry climate and a special type of soil. In 1932, the Rontry Britain company, which was successful in producing tropical products, started producing chocolate and was successful in doing so. However, they were only able to produce one cocoa bean and one piece of chocolate from that bean and offered it to Queen Elizabeth II. It resulted in the global reputation of Britain and that company.

Chocolate Packaging in Uk

Modern chocolate packaging was started in Uk and Cadbury was the very first chocolate packaging suppliers in England. This company was popular for its high-priced and special packaging. This company used the most expensive raw materials for manufacturing chocolate packaging in Uk such as silk, thin golden sheets, Cobra Snake Skin, etc.  Evidently, using these materials resulted in the high price of these luxury products. To put it simply, the price of each chocolate packaging box in Uk equaled 10 weeks salary of a simple worker. Thus, buying such a product was more like a dream for the middle class. However, by the increase of this product and the emergence of great companies such as Kit Kat, Milky Way, Maltesers, SmartEEs, etc. the cost of this product was decreased by the proper selection of the packaging. Thus, providing this delicious and pleasant product was simpler and more cost-effective.

Various Types of Chocolate Packaging in Uk

There are a variety of chocolate types with different qualities and tastes. White chocolate has medical use, chocolate pieces are used for decorating desserts and drinks, chocolate bars are used as snacks. Therefore, chocolate consumption continues to grow and the number of chocolate-based desserts and beverages is increasing by the day. The containers used for packaging this product should be resistant. It should be beautiful and attractive and have a reasonable price. Nowadays a variety of chocolate packaging is produced. Including paper boxes, crystal containers, and metal containers. Each of these materials has its pros and cons and is used for various purposes. Paper chocolate packaging boxes are lightweight and thin due to their raw materials. They have a low resistance to bumps. Crystal containers are among the most transparent and beautiful chocolate packagings. Transparency and clarity of the packaging material are among the advantages of this packaging idea. Metal chocolate packaging is among the most resistant types. They can be manufactured in a disparate design and according to customers’ tastes. The variety of designs, colors, and dimensions are among the pros of this chocolate-preserving method.
Therefore, the best packaging type should be selected based on the type of chocolate and the country of destination. Here several samples of popular chocolate packaging in Uk will be discussed. Chocolate pieces are produced in small dimensions and a great number of chocolates are placed in chocolate packaging. Therefore, there is no need to use big chocolate packaging. We recommend you to use metal gold packaging as chocolate pieces packaging in Uk. The most popular chocolate types in Uk are chocolate bars. This type of chocolate is sold in aluminum packagings and single. One of the greatest chocolate bar production companies is Kit Kat that earns a great profit by selling its products all around the world. However, for the purpose of exporting and transporting containers such as rectangle 100 or metal square containers can be used to preserve the quality of the produced chocolate during transportation.

How to Purchase Chocolate Packaging boxes in uk?

Countries such as China. Iran, Jordan, etc. are among the greatest packaging manufacturers in the world. Chocolate paper boxes are manufactured in China and export a part of their productions to wholesale empty chocolate boxes in Uk.

Iran is a great source of oil and metal. Therefore, it is easy to produce their derivatives in Iran. Production of crystal and metal chocolate packaging is a prosperous business in Iran and they are exported to European countries such as Uk.

There are several packaging manufacturers in Uk, however, due to the extensive consumption inside Uk and releasing these products to the wholesale chocolate packaging in Uk merely a small portion of its products are exported to other countries. English merchants and exporters usually provide chocolate packagings from other countries to earn more profit, which proves that the production of chocolate packaging is costly in Uk.

Final word regarding chocolate packaging in Uk

Uk is one of the first countries to use chocolate and now it is one of the countries with higher chocolate consumption in the world. Chocolate packaging in Uk is highly-priced and luxury and usually, they are used for special and expensive gifts. The chocolate packaging market in Uk includes diverse nationalities and tastes and all countries are involved in this market.

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