Berelian – 3

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 116 mm
Bunch Saffron Capacity

3 gr

Pushal Saffron Capacity

3 gr

Cut-Filment Saffron Capacity

5 gr



Qty in Carton

182 pcs


Berelian, an evolution in saffron packing industry:

Berelian design has a curve door on an angular shaped body with a plastic around it for keeping saffron scent. Berelian saffron container has magnifying feature because of the objects that made it and also it makes your product so beautiful.

Brelian is produced with regard to elegance and accuracy in very light design and its very light and optimized for transportation so it Reduces transportation costs.

Berelian Saffron Container has magnifying feature because of using Food Grade Features in it which is just for Sadafpack Company. It multiplies the effect and beauty of saffron or any other product.

Make sure to watch Berelian – 3 video below.

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