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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 164 mm
Bunch Saffron Capacity

5 gr

Pushal Saffron Capacity

5 gr

Cut-Filment Saffron Capacity

10 gr



Qty in carton

168 pcs

Carton Dimension

500 * 300 * 310 mm

carton weight

15056 gr


Royal, a symbol of dignity:

Saffron is considered one of the most luxurious spices in the world due to its unique nutritional and beauty properties. The number of those who are saffron enthusiasts is increasing every day. Therefore, the existence of beautiful and eye-catching packaging is always a basic principle for industry activists. In this article, you will get acquainted with one of the newest saffron dishes currently produced by SadafPack Company. Below you can get to know Royal, this new saffron package, better.


Royal is a crystal container with an elongated body with a magnifying glass for saffron strings. This dish is designed with an angled lid with a plastic strip to preserve the aroma of saffron. The Royal Crystal Container, while elegant in design, is very durable and strong.

Royal Honors:

This dish (Royal saffron container) with the efforts of the group of engineers and designers of SadafPack Company (D& R unit) in 1398 in Gulfood exhibition manufacturing, which is one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the Middle East, was shown and welcomed importers from all over the world (including the UAE, Spain, etc.). This product with patent number 326886 is one of the valuable saffron dishes of SadafPack Company.

Physical specifications of Royal:

dish weighs 80 grams with a lid. 32 grams and the body is 49 grams. This container is suitable for 5 grams of Sargol saffron and 10 grams of Negin saffron. Royal package is produced by advanced machines of SadafPack company with German molds quality and is in 5 layer cartons and observing all hygiene packaging to deliver them to our dear customers.

Why this container?

Royal crystal (polystyrene with Grade Food additive in particular shell pack) according to the type of lens design and properties, shows the amount of saffron or any other product more than the amount contained in it and it will multiply the visibility and beauty of your product.
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