During the last two decades, Afghanistan has become one the largest saffron producer and exporter centers in the world. Its suitable geographical location, mountain climate, and rich soils provide the right conditions for saffron cultivation. Saffron packaging in Afghanistan has recently flourished and boomed considerably. This article investigates the extent of saffron cultivation and its quality, trade, and saffron packaging in Afghanistan.

1.Saffron cultivation in Afghanistan

Because of its fields with rich soil and cold and mountain climate, Afghanistan is very suitable for growing saffron. Saffron, which has contributed considerably to the growth of the Afghan industry and trade for the past two decades, is a very valuable commodity for Afghan saffron traders.

Saffron is mostly grown in Herat Province due to its large fields and considerable labor force, which have turned Afghanistan into one of the largest saffron producer and exporter countries. For example, a comparison of saffron cultivation in Iran and Afghanistan shows that in 2019 about 25 tons of saffron was harvested in Afghanistan and approximately 350 tons in Iran. This indicates that Iran has a far greater, almost 10 times higher, capacity for good quality saffron production than Afghanistan. However, by improving its international relations and trade exchanges with other countries, Afghanistan has gained a larger share of the global saffron market compared to Iran.    

saffron packaging in Afganestan

2.How saffron onions were grown in Afghanistan

During Mr. Ahmadinejad’s presidency in Iran in 2006, a large number of saffron onions were exported to Afghanistan to give gifts and rewards to friendly and neighboring Afghanistan, and since then the saffron industry has become one of the most important industries in Afghanistan.

saffron packaging in Afghanestan

3.Afghan saffron quality

Structurally and genetically, the saffron grown in Afghanistan is very similar to the saffron that Iranian farmers produce. In addition, high quality and authentic Iranian saffron rank higher than its Afghan counterpart. However, the coloring strength of Afghan saffron is not comparable to that of Iranian saffron: the coloring strength of saffron produced at the foothills of the Qaen Mountains in Iran reaches 320 whereas the highest coloring strength of Afghan saffron is 210.

4. Saffron trade in Afghanistan

Although Afghanistan produces much less saffron than Iran does, its trade-in and export of this product are stronger and more flourishing compared to Iran. Afghan traders purchase saffron from Iranian saffron farmers and dealers, take it back to Afghanistan for saffron packaging in Afghanestan, and export it. Considering the desirable political and economic relations between Afghanistan and European countries, Afghanistan has made considerable advances in saffron packaging and exporting this product. International traders are inclined to buy authentic Iranian saffron from Afghan traders and show no inclination to establish trade relations with Iranian saffron traders.  

saffron packaging in Afganestan

5. Saffron packaging in Afghanistan

In addition to buying authentic and high-quality Iranian saffron, Afghan dealers and traders purchase saffron packaging material from Iran. Old saffron packaging in Afghanestan methods is used for saffron packaging at low cost in Afghanistan. Saffron packaging design in Afghanistan is very simple. The commonly used polycrystal and metal containers used for saffron packaging in Afghanistan have always been well received by consumers. Gohar ( video ) and Azin (video ) are among the widely used polycrystal containers used for saffron packaging. Containers with various volumes (from containers for daily saffron consumption to bulk saffron containers) are used for saffron packaging in Afghanistan.

saffron packaging in Afghanestan
saffron packaging in Afghanestan 4


Due to its suitable climate for growing saffron, saffron and saffron packaging in Afghanistan has turned into one of the largest global producers and exporters of saffron. Afghanistan is also among the leading countries in the world in saffron packaging, and it is trying to compete with Iran (that ranks first in the world in the saffron industry and in saffron packaging) and has its share of the global saffron market. International saffron traders are very happy with the relations and trade exchanges they have with Afghanistan and prefer to have Afghan saffron trader partners rather than Iranians ones. 

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