Valuable goods always have many standards for quality analysis. Saffron is known as one of the most valuable commodities in the world called red gold. There are many standards for studying and analyzing the quality of saffron. This valuable product can be grown in cold regions, and if the land is rich and onions are planted properly, quality flowers will grow, which are an introduction to providing quality saffron.

What is important in analyzing the quality of saffron

Saffron grows on the soil surface. Therefore, it is a suitable place for contamination by organic fertilizers and composts, which are the most important sources of microbial contamination. The microbial flora contains bacteria and fungi.

Various tests have been performed to evaluate the health of saffron. One of the cases studied in this experiment is the effect of saffron storage time at room temperature with the amount of aerobic bacteria and microbes in saffron. It has been shown that by increasing the storage time to 60 days, the number of aerobic bacteria in Escherichia coli coliform bacteria decreases. But the microbial load of yeast and fungi increases. Since saffron has remained in the room for a long time, its quality has changed and physical and chemical changes have caused this increase and decrease.

• Moisture check

• No mold and insects

• No flowers and plant residues

• No external substances

• Saffron taste

• Saffron color

• Saffron smell

• Standard and impermeable packaging

• The amount of mycotoxins

Saffron quality maintenance solutions

According to the important points and factors in domestic and international standards of saffron quality, in addition to the accuracy in the production of valuable goods to solve secondary problems, there are suggestions that are also approved by the World Health Organization. The main thing to maintain the quality of the final product is to prevent microbial and fungal growth:

On-time harvesting of saffron

The time of harvesting saffron and its rapid drying is very effective in extracting quality saffron. For various reasons, such as the long drying time or the long stay of the saffron flower, its color changes or it is pulled to its stem, it creates an abnormal condition and reduces its quality. The quality of Iranian saffron is unique in the world in terms of color.

Hygienic cleaning

It is very important to follow special hygiene tips when workers are removing flowers from their flag. External materials including leaves and flowers and plants, rice and wheat grains, hair, sand, soil, dust and anything that may have been provided from outside the flower stigma and from the environment entering the saffron, these items reduce the quality of saffron Brought. As a result, it reduces the standard score and quality analysis of saffron.

The only valuable part of saffron is its stigma. The rest of the flower components are foreign substances that are not universally valuable in saffron. The remnants of saffron flowers include parts of the flower cap, cream, flag and any part except the flower stigma. The presence of these parts reduces the quality of saffron.

Sufficient care in drying saffron

Prolonged drying time of saffron is a factor that severely damages the final quality of saffron. Therefore, saffron should be dried in the shortest possible time, and this should be done completely and without any moisture.

Standards for evaluating the quality of saffron are completely dried. Standard saffron must be completely dried to protect it from any contamination in a humid environment in addition to its natural weight. Moisture content and drying time of saffron play a colorful role in analyzing the quality of saffron.

Storage in suitable packaging

Containers of saffron should be pure and without additional foreign materials and free of any mold and insects. In addition, the flavor and color of saffron should be natural. There should be no live insects, dead insects, insect components, rodent remains, mold, etc. that can be seen with the naked and unaided eye, any of which can reduce the quality of saffron.

If proper packaging containers are not provided for the transfer of extracted saffron at any stage of production, the quality of the product will decline. As a result, there will be a negative score for saffron quality analysis.

Apart from its beauty, saffron packaging containers must preserve the quality of saffron and prevent anything from penetrating into it.

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Prevention of microbial and fungal contamination in saffron

Another important factor in analyzing the quality of saffron is microbial and fungal contamination. The following are two main ways to eliminate these contaminants: Using ultraviolet rays Ultraviolet, microwave, gamma rays with fungicides and ethylene oxide can be effective in reducing microbial load. Studies have shown that the quality of saffron in samples that have been irradiated have lower levels of bacteria, germs and fungi.

The use of ozone gas

The role of ozone in reducing or eliminating the microbial load of saffron is very high. For 3 hours, the contact of ozone gas with saffron reduces the total bacteria of coli form and yeast by more than 90%, while the level of disinfection reduces the amount of bacteria by about 10 to 50%.

Which country produces the best and highest quality ?

The study of saffron in different countries has had different results. Of course, it should be borne in mind that saffron quality analysis of producing countries do not report complete lack of bacteria. But this amount can be reduced to the level of international standards and to the allowable level.

• Spanish Saffron

Saffron analysis report in Spain and the European Union has been the absence of Salmonella bacteria. But fungal infections are higher compared to Iran. In general, Spain was better than other countries in terms of bacteriological characteristics and is in better condition.

Of course, it should be noted that most of the Spanish saffron is supplied from Iran. However, due to different storage conditions during the sales process – from harvest to final packaging – many factors that reduce the quality of saffron are prevented.

• Iranian Saffron

Saffron quality analysis report of Iranian samples, only 3% of the samples contained aerobic mesophilic bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae bacteria and coliforms. Probably the reason for the presence of germs in Iranian samples is warmer weather conditions than other countries. Improper harvesting and poor hygienic performance can also be considered during preparation and export, which requires careful planning by the relevant organizations in the country. Because it is possible to increase the final quality of Iranian saffron by public education to farmers, companies and individuals who are in charge of saffron packaging. The value and quality of saffron produced in the country will be very high in the absence of secondary bacteria.

• Greek saffron

The report of quality measurement in Greece does not show any contamination in the examined samples.

• Morocco

Morocco saffron quality analysis report indicates the presence of bacteria.


The existence of organizations and centers for saffron quality analysis in producing countries shows the importance and value of this economic commodity. Today, quality is one of the most important issues for consumers and all over the world, consumer goods, especially saffron, are considered as a luxury and expensive product. Therefore, paying attention to the important factors in the quality of this product mentioned above is very important to provide quality goods.

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