Saffron is considered one of the most popular and extensively consumed spices in the world and its high price has not had any effect on the purchase of those who love this valuable plant’s odor. Numerous countries have been able to expand the business of this product in their country and earn a lot of money through it. In this article, we will refer to Spain as one of these countries, and we will analyze the saffron business and its packaging in this European country.

1. Growing saffron in Spain

Native Spanish saffron is frequently grown in such areas and cities as Alicante, Castilla Lamancha, Mallorca, and around Madrid. However, the amount of producing and cultivating saffron in these areas is very low, and cannot cover a large number of demands. Also, the quality and color of the Spanish saffron are not as good as the original Iranian saffron, and after Iranian and Afghan saffron, the Spanish saffron can be entitled as the third-best saffron in the world. This is why the Spanish saffron is not famous in the world and is extensively consumed only in Spain with no share in global exports. Nonetheless, saffron packaging in Spain is done with high quality. Spain is one of the most successful and topmost countries in saffron packaging in the world.

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2. Saffron trade in Spain

The market of the Spanish saffron is regarded as the largest saffron market in the world, but the amount of its consumption is not comparable to the amount of its production; this is why the saffron that is consumed in Spain mostly includes Iranian saffron and some Afghan saffron. And also international and foreign merchants who are working in Spain use Iranian saffron to do their business. Unfortunately, sanctions and restrictions have caused Iranian saffron to be sent in bulk and high volumes to countries like Spain, China, European countries, and also countries that are active in the saffron industry. Sadly, they are not interested in competing with or buying saffron from Iranian merchants and farmers, and thus some dealers from such countries as India, Spain, and China buy saffron from Iranian traders and farmers at very low and cheap prices. Then, they pack their saffron in Spain and sell it at a price many times higher in international markets which are thirsty about the original Iranian saffron. This is the reason why Spain can be assumed as the largest and the most principal market for saffron and saffron packaging in the world.

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3. Why does Spain have the largest saffron market in the world?

Due to its geographical location, Spain is one of the largest harbors for commercial and tourist ships. For this reason, Western countries such as North and South America and even African countries have been trying to do their saffron business in Spain. This is why large and decent traders have established their business in Spain. Saffron packaging in Spain is done very carefully and with various tests to make sure that the saffron is original; this action is admirable and should be done in all countries. Iranian businessmen are also trying to work and trade in Spain. Of course and unfortunately, due to the high prices and expensive shipping of saffron or any other product to Spain, Iranian merchants export their saffron to Spain in bulk, and saffron is packaged in Spain in 0.5 g to 10 g amounts.

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4. To what extent does the Spanish government support the saffron trade?

The Spanish government is strongly supporting the saffron business and saffron packaging in Spain so that this country can have a share in global markets and be able to compete with Iran in trading saffron and even become its main center. Saffron consumption and packaging in Spain is so much that many countries buy their saffron from Spain, they are familiar with saffron’s taste and aroma through Iranian saffron and native and Spanish saffron is not famous or used in international trade.

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5. Saffron packaging containers in Spain

5.1 Paper and envelope packaging

For packaging saffron in Spain, more warm and cheerful colors like white, red, and yellow are used in many designs and patterns. These colors are also used for saffron packaging offset covers.

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5.2 Polycrystalline packaging of saffron in Spain

Crystal containers are very popular in Western European countries, especially Spain. Square crystal containers are packaged in Spain from 0.5 g to 10 g and are extensively used. Crystal standing containers, such as high floor and gem decorations, are very prevalent and commonly used in Spain because of their simple but attractive design.

5.3 Metal packaging of saffron in Spain

Like crystal containers and paper bags, metal saffron containers are broadly used in saffron packaging in Spain. Of course, traders and large companies of trading saffron try to offer simple packaging to the market and do not welcome busy and multi-colored designs and patterns. For this reason, metal containers are sent to Spain in one color or two colors. Colors such as gold, silver, black, and rose gold are very popular for metal packaging of saffron in Spain. Round and rectangular metal containers are used in Spain.

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5.4 Saffron glass jars in Spain

Glass jars, which have been widely used in Europe for some time, have also been of extensive usage in saffron packaging in Spain. These containers have been used among traders due to the “green packaging” standard, but according to the disadvantages mentioned in the article “the disadvantages of saffron glass jars”, saffron is no longer packaged in this way in Spain, and polycrystalline and metal containers have been used in saffron packaging in Spain and European countries.

5.5 Low-volume containers for saffron packaging in Spain

Every day, Spanish people provide saffron powder from reputable brands and use it in cooking their food. For this reason, part of the saffron packaging in Spain is in the form of containers such as short and long saffron powder containers, or Ocular saffron crystal containers which are used for saffron powder and low volumes , for example 0.1 g of saffron, in Spain.

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6. Spanish saffron and people

Spanish people use saffron a lot due to its many properties. Saffron has penetrated into most of their foods, including paella, a variety of soups, and ice creams. Also, it has a huge share of spices and condiments. Similarly, the job of many people in Spain depends on saffron, and this has created many jobs.

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