Introduction: Packaging has always been a staple part of presenting and selling products. The primary goal of packaging is to maintain the quality of the commodity. Also, nice packaging makes the customer feel they are purchasing a high-quality product. Today, all the competition in the selling of goods in various, innovative packaging makes it difficult to pick out the right packaging at a cost-effective price. Saffron crocus is a unique, valuable plant with a pleasant, soothing aroma and many more uses. The plant was originally cultivated in Iran, and the country was thus known as the home of saffron across the globe. The rich, fertile soil in the southeast of the country and in towns like Qayen is great for saffron cultivation. The packaging of the priceless stigmas of the plant was unhygienic and of subpar quality up until 30 years ago. As a major supplier of saffron packaging containers, Sadaf Pack Company has helped to elevate the value of saffron and to provide world-class packaging for this spice. What follows is a detailed account of saffron packaging. Read more.

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saffron packaging poly-crystal container

1. Saffron Packaging – types

1.1 Poly-Crystal Saffron Container

poly-Crystal saffron containers were the initial product of Sadaf Pack Company. Flat rectangular and round containers were among the innovations developed by Sadaf Pack company. The containers come in a very wide variety. They include poly-crystal round containers with transparent (crystal)/ white bottom, round deep crystal containers with transparent/ white bottom, oval containers with transparent/ white bottom, rectangular containers with transparent/ white bottom, rectangular deep containers with a transparent bottom, and square-shaped containers.

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This category best fits small, retail quantities of saffron ranging from 0.1 to 10 gr. The advancements in the molding industry and polymer injection machinery and the best saffron packaging machines enabled the company to produce stand-up saffron packaging containers. These saffron packaging containers are far more popular than other poly-crystal saffron packaging containers. The design and variety of shapes greatly contribute to the popularity of this type of saffron packaging container. Also, various sizes of the container can be used to pack amounts of 1 to 20 grams of saffron. The types of this category include Berelian, Royal, Negin, Almas, Azin, raised-bottom Azin, Sadaf, raised-bottom Sadaf, Gohar, raised-bottom Gohar, Milad, Pudri (powder saffron container), and Cheshmi (ocular).

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Not only the containers feature eye-catching design, but they can put your saffron on a magnificent display thanks to the brightening additives used by Sadaf Pack. The poly-crystal containers are not merely used for saffron packaging. Nuts packaging, cardamom packaging, rock candy packaging, cookies packaging, herbal medicine packaging, chocolate rocks packaging, chocolate packaging, coffee packaging, etc. can be packed in the packaging containers, too. This group includes decorated rectangular containers, decorated rectangular containers with golden bottom, plain rectangular containers, convex rectangular containers, hexagonal containers, octagonal containers, crystal cups, and trays.

poly-crystal saffron containers at a glance:

The earliest product of Sadaf Pack Company, poly-crystal containers manufactured in Iran has constantly been popular with suppliers and exporters. Being cost-efficient and inexpensive, light-weighted, varying in types and shapes, meeting the food grade and other global standards, and the lucid appearance resulting from Sadaf Pack’s special brighteners all contribute to this popularity. The only flaws with this category are they are petroleum-based and thus not compliant with green packaging standards, and are not recyclable.

1.2 Metal tin plate saffron packaging

Metal saffron Tin-boxes have a long history in Iran and have been used for packaging of saffron as well as other food products. Sadaf Pack uses very high-quality tinplate sheets to produce the best metal saffron containers in the country. Tinplate sheets are food-grade, and thus they are proper for the packaging of food products including saffron. Also, they make a great choice for importers due to the lightweight and high endurance. Traditionally, metal saffron containers come with Khatam prints, but Sadaf Pack offers you an addition of 15 various patterns in different colors. Metal saffron containers are manufactured in a variety of forms and patterns. They are categorized into three groups of round, rectangular, and round with white bottom. Metal saffron containers are also made in various diameters and depths.  The complete list of this category is as follows: 1 gr, 3 gr, 5 gr, 7 gr, and 10 gr metal containers, 100, 200, and 300 golden metal containers, cylindrical containers of 66 and 7 mm diameter, and metal containers of 11, 17, and 23 cm diameters. Rectangular metal containers come in 10*14 and 19*14 sizes and various heights. A new type of metal saffron container is the round white bottom ones with a plastic body and metal lid. White bottom metal saffron containers are made in 7 different sizes: Round white-bottom metal container size 5, round white-bottom metal container size 6.5, round white-bottom metal container size 9, round white-bottom metal container size 11, round raised white-bottom metal container size 11, round white-bottom metal container size 17, and round raised white-bottom metal container size 17. These food-grade metal containers are used for the packaging of saffron, nuts, cardamom, cookies, herbal medicine, chocolate rocks, chocolate, coffee, etc. to buy metal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

saffron packaging metal containers

Metal saffron containers at a glance:

Some of the oldest saffron packaging containers, classic, luxury metal boxes are offered in a variety of sizes. There are three general categories of such containers: round, white-bottom round, and rectangular. Light weight, affordable prices, variety of shapes and forms, and the sense of luxury they give are the reasons why this type of packaging material is highly popular with saffron exporters. to buy metal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

1.3 saffron glass jar

the saffron glass jar is the most recent addition to the packaging materials for this product. This type of packaging, which is favored in European and eastern Asian countries, are manufactured in China in large quantities. Refraction of the light through the glass jar and the transparency of glass showcase the saffron magnificently. However, the many disadvantages of saffron glass jar for saffron will definitely dissuade you from using them. Here are some of the advantages of saffron glass jar. You can learn more on the topic by reading articles about the use of saffron glass jar.

advantages of saffron glass jar:

disadvantages of saffron glass jar:

Sadaf Pack company’s advice:

Considering the advantages of the saffron glass jar and disadvantages of saffron glass jars listed above, glass jars are not recommended for the export of saffron, cardamom, nuts, coffee, etc. Yet, they can be used for expensive gift packs and special people. Sadaf Pack Co. would like to ask you to use polycrystalline and metal packaging containers manufactured by the company to experience unique prices, light weight, variety of design, and more. You can learn more on topic by reading articles about the use of saffron glass jars. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

2. Why packaging saffron?

Saffron is the most expensive spice on the planet. That is why it is called red gold. There are reasons for the value and high price of this spice:

All these indicate the necessity of proper packaging for saffron. The plant is cultivated in very few countries such as Iran and Afghanistan, and the very high global demand for it calls for fancy, yet economical, packaging. Saffron buyers check their packaging containers very closely. Thus, some producers of fake saffron (safflower) and minor container producers sometimes play fraudulent tricks. As the first and largest producer of saffron packaging in Iran and in the world, Sadaf Pack Co. has kept up with advancements in molding technologies for packaging containers and has formed a particular brightening additive to give a nice luster to containers. Containers can be used for saffron packaging as well as nuts packaging, rock candy packaging, coffee packaging, etc. to further promote the packaging industry and maintain the value and quality of saffron and other food products. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

3. Saffron packaging design in other countries

Designing the right packaging for food products has always been a matter of concern for producers. They are applicable to the saffron industry, too. The main challenge before saffron exporters has always been to arrange the right design which is in line with the traditions and culture of the receiving country. In this article, some types of saffron packaging and their secondary saffron packaging would be discussed. For more information, you can refer to the article on saffron packaging design. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

3.1 Saffron packaging design in east Asian countries

In the eastern Asian countries (including China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, etc.) saffron is normally packaged in small sizes (1-2 gr). Thus, packaging in these countries is done in large volumes. The most commonly used saffron packaging in these countries is poly-crystal containers (like Azin saffron container, Gohar saffron container, Brelian saffron container, Royal saffron container, etc.). Secondary packaging in these countries is different from others. With all the lush jungles within their territories, wood or wood patterns are common for packaging. Also, secondary packaging made of wood like wooden boxes is used a lot. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

3.2 Saffron packaging design in the Persian Gulf countries

In the hot countries of the Persian Gulf (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar) saffron is normally packaged in various sizes (1-50 gr). Thus, the packaging is of a wide variety. Vivid, warm colors like red, yellow, green, black, and golden are used for the secondary packaging of saffron. Metal saffron tin-box and poly-crystal saffron containers are common in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. Secondary saffron packaging in these countries is fancy and upscale. The expensive-looking designs are decorated with glittering gems, which makes the packaging appealing to the taste of Arab customers. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

3.3 Saffron packaging design in European countries

saffron packaging design in European countries such as Spain, Greece, France, etc. is utterly different than Asian and Arab countries. The use of cold colors is a common practice. Saffron packaging is normally monochromatic and displays the logo. Given the high price, the packaging of saffron is in small amounts. Thus, poly-crystal saffron containers and metal saffron tin-boxes are popular. Considering regulations like green packaging in European and North American countries, exporters can use saffron glass jars for these destinations. To learn more about green packaging, please read the article on the advantages of the saffron glass jar. As they are imported, saffron glass jars are normally expensive, and given the weight of the containers, transportation is too costly. Cork stoppers are also non-standard and hard to use, which is described in detail in the article on the disadvantages of saffron glass jars. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

3.4 Saffron packaging design in Iran and the Middle East countries

 poly-crystal saffron containers and metal saffron tin-boxes are the most commonly used ones in ME countries. Poly-crystal saffron containers such as Negin saffron container and Almas saffron container and Round crystal containers have long been in use in central Asian countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. Metal saffron tin-boxes also have a long history in these countries. Saffron packaging in Iran is of a great variety. Saffron consumption is also on the increase in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Packaging in these countries is done in various volumes. Saffron suppliers in these countries and other central Asian states try to keep the cost of saffron packaging as low as possible. Thus, envelopes of paper and cardboard are common in these regions. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

saffron packaging container in middle east countries

3.5 Saffron packaging design in African countries

The taste that determines the design of saffron packaging design in African countries is similar to the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. Warm, vivid colors are common in saffron packaging in African countries, and they usually us Luxury saffron packaging, and packs are normally expensive and fancy-looking. They come in a wide range of volumes in African countries. Secondary saffron packaging, like velvet-covered boxes and wood containers, are common in such countries as Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, SA, etc. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

3.6 Saffron packaging design in South American countries

They follow the same patterns as the European countries in saffron packaging, and packs are normally monochromatic and simple. Packaging in these countries is done in various volumes. Metal saffron tin-boxes and poly-crystal saffron containers are very common in this region. For more information, you can refer to the Saffron Packaging Design buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

4. Saffron packaging suppliers

The newly fashionable Saffron Packaging is produced in different countries. Most of these countries are producers of saffron, too. Iran is among the pioneering countries in the cultivation and packaging of saffron. saffron packaging manufacturers in the world are a few countries including Iran, China, Turkey, India, etc. Sadaf Pack Company as The best saffron packaging manufacturer in the world owes its success to the conditions that are elaborated on below.

Relying on their ample sources of minerals and petroleum, countries like Iran and China are among the top producers of polymeric and synthetic materials. Iran is among the countries with the largest petroleum sources and is thus pioneering in the manufacture of petrochemical substances. Also, the country is rich in mines such as mineral stones and ore. Therefore, there are plenty of metal sheet producers in the country. Natural resources and valuable raw materials sources are the pivotal point in the saffron packaging industry in Iran. China has enormous investments in the saffron packaging industry and needs to purchase the required raw materials from countries like Iran to manufacture the final packaging products. China is a mass producer of saffron glass jars, and this has rendered it the main center of production of saffron glass jars in the world. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq have the resources but hardly possess the technology required for saffron packaging manufacturers. Thus, they export raw materials and import the final products. Turkey and India are minor saffron packaging manufacturers, and their production is not sufficient even for their domestic use. Countries like Afghanistan and Spain, which are larger saffron packaging manufacturers, do not have major saffron packaging suppliers, and thus, purchase their containers from Iran and China.

The volume and efficiency of raw material production in these countries is in direct relation to the technology of saffron packaging manufacture. Obviously, if a country is in possession of more raw material resources, they would advance further in acquiring saffron packaging machinery or any other products. For instance, Iran has the largest resources of metal and petroleum, and thus, it has made great progress in the manufacturing of polymers and metal products.

The relations between saffron packaging manufacturers’ supplies directly depend on the economic and political ties between their respective countries. Due to sanctions imposed on Iran by the US, the former can hardly act in international trading, which is to the detriment of the suppliers of saffron packaging. Merchants from Afghanistan, India, Spain, etc. purchase the containers from Iran, and pack and sell their saffron under the brand name of their own.

Pioneering countries in various industries are faced with workforce problems. Countries with an experienced professional workforce are definitely more successful. For instance, China needs to provide for its huge population and create jobs for the youth. Thus, saffron packaging manufacturers are greatly supported so they can hire more and more of the manpower available. However, the solutions are not sufficient, and the Chinese workforce moves to other countries in pursuit of job opportunities. Iran, too, has a skilled, well-educated young manpower. Yet, saffron packaging manufacturers are relatively short of the trained workforce for their development and expansion.

5. Saffron packaging design in various countries

5.1 Saffron packaging in Iran

Iran is the capital of saffron, and after the plant came to be known around the world, the first proper packaging of saffron was done in this country. In the past, unhygienic plastic bags were used for the packaging and export of saffron. This was until Sadaf Pack Company was established with the aim of providing poly-crystal and metal containers to maintain the value and high-quality of saffron. No sooner they presented their containers to the market than their products grow vastly popular with producers and exporters of saffron. Saffron suppliers and exporters in Iran always seek to have eye-catching yet inexpensive packaging containers, and they are not willing to pay large sums for the saffron packaging. Poly-Crystal and metal containers are also popular with consumers, and glass jars are exclusively used for special gift packs as they are pricey. Costs of secondary packaging are also kept to a minimum, and thus, paper packaging is the best choice for economical secondary saffron packaging. Iranian people prefer warm and vivid patterns and colors and choose elaborately decorated packs over the plain modern ones. saffron Packaging in Iran also comes in small amounts so that people of all social and income classes can afford to buy their high-quality saffron fresh and use it in their food. Iran is home to saffron and has the largest amount of saffron cultivated and exported in eastern cities such as Qaen, Torbat-e Heydariye, and Gonabad. Yet, saffron is very expensive, and not every household can afford to buy it.

5.2 Saffron packaging in China

The Chinese government acquired saffron crocus bulbs from Iran in an attempt to cultivate the plant in their own country. However, unfavorable climate and soils rendered their plans unsuccessful. As they could not produce high-quality saffron, Chinese merchants eventually decided to buy saffron from Iran and Afghanistan, pack it under their own brand names, and sell it at the global markets at much higher prices. saffron glass jars are made only in China, and are vastly used for saffron packaging. Saffron packaging in China comes in small amounts so that they can present the goods in fancy packs. This has made China into one of the largest exporters and dealers of saffron.

5.3 Saffron Packaging in Spain

Spain is one of the major exporters of saffron. They owe this profitable trade to their geographical location and political ties with other countries. Cultivation of saffron crocus in Spain is very limited and cannot even meet the local demands. Therefore, Spanish businesspeople buy saffron from other countries like Iran, and then pack it in their own land. You can learn more about this in the article on saffron Packaging in Spain.

saffron packaging in Spain

 Saffron indigenous to Spain is cultivated in Alicante, Castile-La Mancha, Majorca, and in the outskirts of Madrid. However, it is not even enough for domestic demand. Also, the quality and color of Spanish saffron are nowhere near the genuine Iranian saffron. Yet, high-quality saffron packaging in Spain has listed this country as one of the best in the world.

Spanish saffron market is the largest in the world, but there is a huge gap between their consumption and production. Thus, the major share of the saffron used in Spain comes from Iran, and a smaller fraction from Afghanistan. International saffron dealers in Spain run their business their using high-quality Iranian saffron. Unfortunately, Iranian saffron is exported to China and Spain in bulk due to the sanctions and restrictions imposed on the country. European countries and others working in saffron industry are not interested in buying saffron from Iran directly. Middlemen from India, Spain, or China buy the best Iranian saffron from saffron farmers or merchants at meager prices, do the saffron packaging in Spain, and sell it at international markets at much higher prices. This is how Spain is known to be the largest saffron market and saffron packaging hub in the world. They owe this to their favorable geographical location and their political ties with other countries.

The government of Spain provides great, firm support for the trading and saffron packaging in this country so they can enjoy a great share of international markets. Thus, they are in competition with Iran, and have even grown to be known as the central saffron market of the world. Consumption and saffron packaging in Spain is so high, and the countries which purchase their saffron from Spain are familiar with the aroma and flavor of the Iranian saffron through the Spanish market. The indigenous Spanish saffron is not used nor known in the international business arena.

Saffron packaging in Spain comes in vivid patterns and warm colors such as white, red, and yellow. The same colors are using for offset covers used for saffron packaging.

Poly-crystal saffron containers are very popular in Western countries and especially in Spain. The most common ones are square-shaped crystal containers of 0.5 to 10 gr. Stand-up containers such as saffron powder container and Ocular saffron containers are also popular due to their simple yet attractive looks.

Like poly-crystal and paper packaging, metal saffron containers are also favored in Spain. Large companies and dealers of saffron present their product to the market in plain packs and do not favor elaborate, colorful patterns. Thus, the metal containers exported to Spain are mono- or dichromatic. Gold, silver, and rose gold are the most popular colors for metal Saffron Packaging in Spain. Round and square containers are used in this country.

A recently favored category, glass jars are used for saffron packaging these days. They comply with green packaging standards, and that is why they prevailed. Yet, due to the disadvantages mentioned earlier, they stopped using them in Spain and replaced them with metal and poly-crystal containers. These saffron packaging grew popular in Spain and other European countries. we also check out the advantages of saffron glass jars and disadvantages of saffron glass jars that would help you to know the saffron glass jars better

5.4 Saffron Packaging in Afghanistan

In the last two decades, Afghanistan has become one of the biggest saffron producers. The geographical location of this country, which features a mountainous climate and fertile soil, has made it a great place for the cultivation of saffron. Saffron packaging in Afghanistan is relatively new, but it is growing fast. You can learn more about this in the article on saffron packaging in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a favorable place for the cultivation of saffron due to its mountainous climate and rich soil. The commodity has become a largely profitable one for merchants of Afghanistan in the past two decades. The majority of saffron in this country is cultivated in Herat. Vast farms and abundant workforce available in the region have resulted in ample cultivation and harvest of the plant. This has made China into one of the largest exporters and dealers of saffron. For instance, a comparison between the cultivation of saffron in Iran and Afghanistan shows that the harvest yielded 25 tons of saffron in Afghanistan and 350 tons in Iran in 2019. The 10-fold difference in the production shows that Iran is better capable of producing high-quality saffron than Afghanistan. However, Afghanistan has successfully improved its economic ties with the world, winning a larger international market share than Iran.

The saffron crocus cultivated in Afghanistan is very similar to that of Iran as for genetic structure. The quality of saffron in Afghanistan comes second to the Iranian saffron. Yet, the grade of saffron from Afghanistan is nowhere near the Iranian counterpart. Saffron picked from the mountains of Qaen has a grade of 320 while Afghanistan saffron grade is 210 at best.

saffron packaging in Afghanistan

Production is saffron trading in Afghanistan is less than Iran, but they have a better trade and export than Iran. Saffron traders from Afghanistan buy the Iranian merchandise from farmers and middlemen and do the saffron packaging and export saffron as that of their own. Afghanistan has good economic and political ties with European countries and is thus more successful than Iran in the packaging and export of the spice. International businesspersons are not willing to buy saffron from Iranian merchants and prefer to purchase from Afghan dealers.

Dealers and businessmen in Afghanistan obtain both the saffron and saffron packaging containers from Iran. Saffron Packaging in Afghanistan is done using traditional methods and is low cost. saffron Packaging design is also very simple. The most commonly used containers in Afghanistan are poly-crystal and metal containers. Milad saffron containers and High-Bottom Sadaf saffron containers are among the more popular ones over there. Packaging size varies from small amounts for every-day use to bulk packs.

saffron packaging containers of sadaf pack company

5.5 Saffron Packaging in India

Being located near the Equator, India has a tropical climate. The country has long been unrivaled in the cultivation and production of various spices and medicinal herbs. Saffron is a more recent addition to their agricultural span. Production of saffron in India has created many businesses and is helping the economy of this over-populated country. You can learn more about this in the article on saffron packaging in India.

Saffron is one of the most favored, most widely used spices in the world due to its medicinal attributes and its color and aroma. In the past century, saffron producing countries have attempted to make the saffron industry into a profitable one. One such country is India. Located in South Asia, the Indian Subcontinent features a tropical climate and rich soil, which are good for the cultivation of medicinal plants and spices like red pepper. Saffron crocus is cultivated in India, but the type of soil there is not exactly right for this plant. As indicated in several lab tests, the best soil for the cultivation of saffron is found in Qaen and the mountains around it, and some other eastern cities of Iran. The largest saffron farms in India are located in Kashmir. The quality and coloring properties of Kashmir saffron are of the lowest grades. Indian merchants have no choice but to do business with Iranian farmers and dealers to buy high-quality Iranian saffron at low prices and sell it at international markets as the genuine Iranian good for a huge profit. This has further limited the work of Iranian businesspeople in the international markets due to the sanctions. Saffron packaging in India is done at very cheap costs, and thus is not of high quality. It does not feature export- or gift-worthy packaging.

Indian merchants are not willing to spend much on hygienic, food-grade packaging. The most commonly used saffron packaging containers in India are poly- crystal and metal containers. Indians are jolly, passionate people and they celebrate numerous ceremonies and holidays in their culture. Likewise, they use utterly elaborate colorful designs with vivid colors for saffron packaging. This has made their secondary packaging unpopular on the international level. Round poly-crystal containers and stand-up models like Sadaf saffron containers and High-Bottom Gohar saffron container are among the popular designs in India. Secondary packaging of paper is cheap, and light weighted and is thus good for Indian goods.

saffron packaging containers in India

6. Saffron packaging machine

Saffron packaging is done using various types of containers. There is more on this in the articles about saffron packaging ideas and about saffron packaging design. To keep up with the world standards, the packaging is not done by humans, and machines are used for this task. Some of the saffron packaging machines are introduced in the article on the packaging machinery, and their function is explained. For more information, you can refer to the article on saffron packaging machines.

saffron packaging machine

Saffron packaging machines are divided into 3 types:

6.1 Shrink pack

This method is inexpensive, fast, of good quality, and easy to transport, and thus popular. Shrink packaging is done using hot air through a heating tunnel. The shrink films are wrapped around the packs inside once exposed to the hot air, and hold them in place with a firm grip for complete protection of the products.

6.2 Skin pack

This machine uses a thermal system to pack the saffron containers. It is done using cardboards and plastic films. The machine uses heat to soften the films and stick the saffron containers onto the cardboard. More specifically, first, the product is placed on the cardboard, and then, the film, which is softened by the heat, wraps around the container with a firm grip and fixates it on the cardboard. In some cases, a special glue is used for a stronger bonding.

6.3 Vacuum pack

These machines vacuum the air inside the packs of saffron and tightly close their lids. This kind of packaging minimizes the exposure of saffron to air, and thus maintain the quality of saffron for longer, and gives it a longer shelf-life. This method can be used only for metal containers as they are not deformed by the vacuuming. Glass containers are too fragile for this method. This method of packaging maintains the quality of the saffron for longer, and is also more pleasant looking.

7. Luxury saffron packaging

A valuable, expensive spice like saffron calls for luxury packaging. This kind of packs are among the costliest packaging types for saffron, and are thus not meant for ordinary use or export. They are only cost-efficient for gift packs. They come in a variety of designs and types depending on the taste and preference of buyers at the target market. There is more on this in the article about luxury saffron packaging and its advantages and disadvantages. For more information, you can refer to the article on luxury saffron packaging. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

7.1 Hard Box

Hard boxes are among the luxury saffron packaging types.  This type of secondary saffron packaging is globally popular and commonly used. Design of hard boxes vary depending on the target market and country. They come in vivid warm colors with elaborate patterns for Arab countries, while the ones meant for the European markets are plain and decorated with cold colors. Considering the costs of raw materials and prints, hard boxes are very pricey. However, the visual attractiveness of these boxes makes them increasingly popular.

7.2 Leather boxes

This category includes wooden boxes with a cover of industrial leather. It is very popular in Arab countries and wealthy Arab customers like them. As the leather used for these boxes is artificial, they can be custom-designed and come in a variety of colors including red and white. Leather boxes are very expensive and thus not proper for ordinary packaging or exports. They can be used for classy gift boxes. Leather boxes can be used for saffron packaging as well as other goods like clothes.

7.3 Velvet boxes

Velvet boxes are also another category of luxury saffron packaging. They feature a wooden box with velvet covering and a velvet stand to hold the saffron container. Velvet covers come in a variety of colors including light blue, dark blue, red, etc. This class of packaging is a best seller in Arab countries. The downside of using these boxes is they are too heavy and massive, and thus not cost-efficient for exports. However, the advantage is it is possible to include tools and devices of preparing and using saffron. Such devices include brass saffron mortar and Pyrex teapot. Let us learn more about saffron mortar. For more information, you can refer to the article on saffron mortar. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information contact us on WhatsApp: (+971)-5030 580 98

7.3.1 saffron mortar

It is a device composed of two pieces: a cup and a pestle. The cup contains whatever is to be ground, the pestle is used to crush the content of the cup into a powder. It is a very handy device and helps with grinding medicinal herbs or kitchen spices.

saffron packaging container with brass saffron mortar

Brass mortars have been manufactured in Iran for some time, and they are popular with customers. It is light weighted as compared to other types, and the materials used in it are all locally available. It also comes at an affordable price. This type features a wide variety. Since various high-quality molds are available, saffron mortars can be made in diverse shapes. Some of the most popular models are the cup mortar and the traditional mortar. They can perfectly grind saffron thanks to the quality of materials used in their manufacture. They are light-weighted and nice looking, and could be a good choice for exporters. The two types mentioned are very popular in Iran, and Sadaf Pack has devised packaging ideas for them as well. The secondary packaging of mortars is made in way to make them proper for luxury packaging and gift boxes. They are packed in velvet boxes together with one or two crystal or metal saffron containers. For more information, you can refer to the article on saffron mortar.

7.4 Glass boxes

Glass saffron boxes are probably the latest, most modern class of saffron packaging. These boxes come in a wide span of sizes and shapes. The boxes have recently been presented in the European markets and grew popular rapidly. You can place the saffron container in these boxes and complete them with additional luxury items. However, these boxes are fragile and are limited in number. This kind of packaging is not cost-efficient and is not proper for exports. Such luxury packaging can merely be used for exhibition purposes and gifts.

7.5 Wooden boxes

Secondary packaging wooden boxes are yet another group of luxury packs for saffron. You can place a crystal or metal saffron containers in them along with brass mortars or the like. They are lighter than velvet and leather boxes, quicker to produce, less expensive, and of more varied colors like beechwood, oak, dark wood, etc. They can be laser printed, which is good for the appearance of the box and also for your advertising and branding purposes. This class of packaging is the best seller in east Asian countries. It is more affordable than other luxury saffron packaging and is more commonly used. For more information, you can refer to the article on luxury saffron packaging.

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Sadaf Tous Plastic Industrial Co., under the Commercial Name of Sadaf Pack, commenced its activities as the pioneer producer of all types of saffron and dried fruits packing containers in Iran in 1986. Since it was established, under customer satisfaction and dignity approach, Sadaf Plastic Co. has had the policy of creating evolution in the packing industry of saffron and dried fruits.
Now, after more than thirty years, relying on its technical knowledge and specialized experienced team, and enjoying the experience of long-term interaction with cultured customers, Sadaf Pack Co. has the honor of being the pioneer company in the saffron and dried fruits packaging industry exporting its products to all over the world.

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