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Saffron is used as a spice in food and in the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries due to its wonderful aroma, taste, and color. This product has many users all over the world. If saffron producers provide standard packaging for the product with a little cost and time and with the help of activists in the field of packaging and export of saffron, they can have an excellent position in the international trade of this product. Using export-grade (export-quality) packaging of saffron creates high added value and helps to introduce your product to the global market.

Benefits and impacts of export-grade packaging of saffron

Standard packaging can have many benefits that will ultimately lead to greater profitability for the manufacturer.

1- Quality of saffron

If the export-grade packaging standards are observed, the quality of export-grade saffron can be trusted. This saffron has passed domestic and international checks, tests, and analyses and certainly has the necessary quality to be offered to the global market.

2- Observing consumer rights

Socially, by observing the standard of the export-grade packaging of saffron and presenting a beautiful and attractive export-grade pack, the final consumer is respected and consumer rights are observed in accordance with international law.

3- Customer trust in the product

Another benefit of standard saffron packaging is creating a sense of trust in the product, which will lead to continued sales and maintaining the seller’s position.

4- Indirect advertising

According to international research on the sale of goods in stores, the initial pack is about forty to fifty percent influential in choosing the goods. Other things such as recommendation by friends, viewing advertisements, and receiving samples and gifts for free have been about fifty percent effective in total. If you use artistic and aesthetic principles in designing export-grade packaging of saffron, you will encourage intermediate sellers and final consumers to buy the product. This is an effective promotional work for you. Using an export-grade pack of saffron with beautiful and unique designs can be one of the best ways to introduce the product. The consumer is attracted to the product packaging at a glance and for more information about the product and its quality reads the writing on the packaging or the catalog of the packaging.

5- Long-term storage of saffron

We should know that the rules and regulations set for the packaging of export-grade saffron can increase the shelf life of saffron and this matter increases the time of use for the consumer.

6- Job creation

Proper and standard packaging of export-grade saffron, in addition to the end result, i.e. more saffron sales and more profit, due to the value-added can create jobs in the producing country. This type of packaging is one of the best ways to create jobs for different people such as professional designers and final packaging workers. If the product is successfully sold, the motivation of designers, manufacturers, workers, and sellers will increase, and this means more prosperity in the production market.

The step of packaging the export-grade saffron

After harvesting and separating the saffron stigma as the most valuable component, the saffron drying operation should be done in the shortest time and in a sterile place. This step is the best time to pack saffron. By using different types of export-grade saffron packaging, we can help maintain the quality of saffron.

export saffron packaging

Selection of the appropriate size for the export-grade saffron packaging

Select the appropriate size for the packaging containers. Export-grade packaging can be selected in small or large sizes and marketed worldwide. Of course, the smaller sizes of export-grade saffron packaging are more popular among consumers and the resulting profits are higher.

Types of machines for packaging of export-grade saffron

The role of packaging in the sale of saffron is undeniable. By maintaining the quality of the product, you can get the most out of the product.

Saffron is packaged in different ways. Packaging of export-grade saffron is done manually or fully automatically. Of course, automatic machines gain more consumer confidence and reduce the possibility of errors and contamination. Definitely, the cost allocated for the purchase of packaging machines for export-grade saffron is one of the most economical current costs of this export-grade product.

Unfortunately, if the packaging of saffron is not suitable and the quality of export saffron packages decreases, the value of your product will decrease during moving the product and exporting, and not only will you not make a profit, but the probability of loss will increase.

In the following, we will examine the types of saffron packaging machines.

1- Manual saffron packaging machine

This machine has a thermal volume and is adjustable for plastic coatings. This type of packaging machine is often used for local and home applications. Unfortunately, this method cannot be used for packaging of export-grade saffron, because it does not have a beautiful appearance and most markets of cheap products want this packaging.

Some manual packaging machines automatically print the manufacturing date and other specifications on the plastic, which is a very important feature in export-grade packaging.

2- Saffron skin packaging machine

 A skin packaging machine is a semi-automatic machine. Saffron skin packaging machine puts a plastic layer on saffron. You can design a beautiful package using the skin packaging machine to give more beauty to the final package. In this way, you create value-added, and if the interior packaging design is well done, it can be exported to global markets to compete with other brands.1

3- Saffron shrink packaging machine

This machine is also a semi-automatic machine. The operation of this machine is such that by placing the final packaging on the machine, a plastic roll surrounds the final product. Of course, it should be noted that if the interior design of the product and the initial pack is beautiful and valuable, eventually the output of the shrink packaging machine will create more value-added for the saffron packaging.

4- Saffron vacuum packaging machine

If the designed pack is made of metal and can be vacuumed, you can use the vacuum packaging machine for saffron. This is one of the best ways to increase the durability and maintain the quality of the product. If you choose high-quality plastic, the vacuum packaging machine creates a strong and moisture-resistant layer on your final saffron product. Therefore, the package of export-grade saffron will be different from other packages.

saffron vacuum packaging

Selection of export-grade saffron containers proportional to daily needs

You should note that after the stigma is ground, saffron should be kept away from light and moisture and in a glass cup. For this reason, among the types of saffron packaging, the glass cup is welcomed. In case of improper storage, the wonderful aroma of saffron will disappear over time, its medicinal effects and taste will decrease, the quality of the product will decrease and it will turn into low-quality saffron.

It is recommended to grind saffron in the final stage and before use. Saffron should be packaged in such a way that it can maintain the quality of saffron in the best condition.

Different kinds of export-grade saffron containers

To complete the steps of preparing export-grade saffron packaging, the packaging material should be selected first. You can choose one of the types of saffron export-grade containers according to the goal you have set. Export-grade packaging of saffron, in addition to showing the value of goods, is effective in maintaining the quality of saffron. The raw materials used in the production of packaging can be the following materials:

•  Glass

•  Metal

•  Paper

•  Plastic

•  Polyethylene (PE)


•  Polypropylene

•  Cellophane

•  Foil

•  Aluminum

•  Leather

To see the types of saffron packaging containers of Sadaf Pack Company, see the products section.

saffron container

Benefits of using export-grade containers of saffron

The selection of export-grade containers of saffron is very important. Packaging according to the basic principles, can creatively generate a sense of calm and trust in the consumer.

1- The impact of packaging on the value-added of saffron

By observing the saffron packaging standard, you can get the most profit in the saffron transaction. The more diverse the size, quality, material, shape, and appearance of saffron, the more value-added it creates for export-grade saffron.

2- Easy preservation

You can increase the shelf life of saffron by choosing the right shape and design for export-grade containers. This is also effective in easy and convenient storage of saffron at home and at work.

3- Maintaining the quality of saffron

If the necessary standards are observed for export-grade containers of saffron, the quality of the product will be maintained until consumption.

4- Variety in size and shape

The existence of variety in export-grade containers of saffron makes this product more popular and better meets the needs of the audience.

5- Advertising

Export-grade packaging containers have an important impact on the indirect advertising of saffron. When the producer is not present to talk about the quality of saffron, it is the export-grade containers of saffron that attract people and have a significant impact on the sale of more export-grade saffron.

6- Color

Colors have a great psychological impact on buyers. All over the world, some of the points about the psychology of colors are the same, such as the appeal of bright and warm colors to people. We can use the basic principles to provide a variety of quality export-grade packaging. Of course, we should not neglect the impact of cultures on different societies, because some colors are popular in some cultures and vice versa are not popular in other cultures.

export-grade saffron container

The impact of packaging on saffron storage

•  Protecting saffron from any contamination and germs and increasing shelf life

•  Creating physical beauty and advertising for sale

•  Ease of maintenance, storage, handling, sales, and export

Standards of export-grade containers of saffron

In the international export of saffron, we should note that compliance with international trade standards is very important because these standards are one of the most important bridges between the countries of the world. Therefore, analyzing the quality of saffron and examining its quality is very important. We should keep in mind that anything can happen for export-grade packaging of saffron during the transportation of saffron. Fortunately, most of the steps of packaging and preparing saffron now need permission and approval from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Receiving this license shows the observance of hygienic principles and internal standards during the production of saffron.

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