What are the features of saffron export packaging?

The pivotal role of packaging in saffron exports is undeniable. Being one of the producers of premium quality saffron in the world, Iran has not yet been much successful in international markets due to the lack of proper packaging and presentation. On the other hand, some countries have been quite successful in presenting other countries’ products in the international markets just by using attractive packaging and comprehensive catalogs, obtaining highest ranks and benefits in the sales. Therefore, paying attention to saffron export packaging is a key point in the global competition. to buy poly-crystal saffron containers or for more information […]

What are the features of saffron export packaging?

Right and principled ways to store saffron

Written by Oyster Pack Public Relations Saffron is known as one of the best food additives all over the world. In spite of all the features of this product and because saffron is stockpiled dry, to store saffron was always challenging and its quality may decrease in the long run. Saffron may be stored in an export warehouse or inside a kitchen cabinet. The important point is to know what method should be used to preserve the quality of saffron. The way by which saffron does not lose its distinctive taste and fragrance and you can always use quality saffron. […]

store saffron

Preparing Saffron for Export Until Dispatch

By Sadaf Pack Public Relations Preparing saffron for export is an often-neglected topic with regards to exporting this valuable product from Iran, a country that was producing up to 95% of the world’s exported saffron up until a few years ago when various countries began to produce saffron, ewhich reduced Iran’s share to about 80 to 85%. Unfortunately, many non-petroleum exported goods, including saffron, are still prepared and offered in bulk and unsuitable and subpar packaging, which leads to losing rank in the list of biggest sellers. This has led to abuse by many countries that act as packaging intermediaries […]

Preparin Saffron for Export