By looking at the historical inscriptions and monuments, you will understand about the relationship between a mortar and saffron. This connection dates back to the time when human beings found out how to use stones in order to build a tool which could facilitate their job; the tool with which they crushed or ground their food and could use in such fields as medicine and food. Later, when they learned to do blacksmith, they could also make this tool out of iron. Further development enabled them to produce it by different materials like wood and such alloys as brass so that they could use it.

1. What is a saffron mortar?

A mortar is a tool that consists of a compartment and a handle. The compartment is used for storing saffron or any other substance that we intend to eat or crush. The handle is used to apply pressure inside the compartment. It is a very practical tool that you can easily use to do the typical cooking and medical tasks.

this is to show saffron mortar and pestle
saffron mortar and pestle

2. What is a saffron mortar made of and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each material?

Because of having a rich history and antiquity, saffron mortars have always been changed throughout history, and up to the current time, saffron mortars have been made of wood and light metals such as brass and stone. Each of these saffron mortars has advantages and disadvantages, and some of them are going to be discussed in the following parts:

2.1 Wooden saffron mortars

Wooden saffron mortars are regarded as one of the new types of saffron mortars, which are extensively used in East Asian countries. In these countries, the great number of bamboo and oak trees has made wooden mortars very common and frequently used. This issue has caused it very expensive and hard to provide and buy these tools in Iran. Wooden saffron mortars are a little heavy and also it is not easy to grind saffron or any other product with them. Wooden saffron mortars are used only as gifts and decorations and are not suitable for common usage.

wooden saffron mortar

2.2 Stone saffron mortars

Stone saffron mortars are considered as one of the oldest types of mortars. This kind of saffron mortar is the result and remainder of the Stone Age and when human beings learned how to make tools from stone. This type of saffron mortar is very heavy and fragile and excessive pressure may damage it because it is not strong enough. This saffron mortar is suitable for completely crushing saffron. It is possible to make this type of saffron mortar in Iran and its raw materials are available in Iran’s rich stone mines; however, these goods cost a lot and are not recommended for public use.

stone saffron mortar

2.3 Brass saffron mortar

It’s been for a while that brass saffron mortar is being produced in Iran and have been very well received by exporters and customers. This type of saffron mortar is very light in comparison with the other types and also its raw materials are available in Iranian mines and of course it has a very reasonable price. One of the other features of this type of saffron mortar is its variety. Because of the various and high-quality molds, this type of saffron mortar is offered in diverse designs and sizes. Amongst its common and extensively used designs, we can mention cup saffron mortar and traditional saffron mortar. This type of saffron mortar is also flawless in grinding saffron and because of the materials and raw ingredients that are used in it, saffron is well crushed and can be easily ground for you. The suitable style of this type of saffron mortar has made it highly apt for exporters in terms of transportation and beauty. These two kinds of brass saffron mortars are commonly used in Iran, and Sadafpack Co. has also designed secondary packages for them. The secondary packaging of brass saffron mortar is designed in such a way that it is generally used for luxurious and special gifts; in these secondary packages such as velvet boxes, brass saffron mortar will be accompanied by one or two crystal and metal containers of saffron on a stand in velvet or wooden boxes.

Laser printing on brass saffron mortar is possible now and the dignity of saffron and its brand can be highlighted by designing saffron mortar and brand printing or any preferred design.

this photo shows saffron mortars and pestle to see our quality.
saffron mortar and pestle

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Conclusion of saffron mortar article and our suggestion

Saffron mortars are amongst the tools that has been used by people for grinding saffron or many other various uses of saffron since the distant past; they are still attracting a lot of fans. People use mortar to grind or crush saffron strings. In this article, some tips were offered regarding different types of saffron mortars, including wooden saffron mortar , stone and brass saffron mortar. Sadafpack Company, which benefits from several years of experience in saffron packaging, offers you dear exporters and customers, to use brass saffron mortars due to such points as their lightness, perfect grinding and various designs, and enjoy using it. For more information and purchase, please contact the following links and numbers:

Cup Saffron Mortar Price

Traditional Saffron Mortar Price

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