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Designing suitable packing containers for saffron is one of the effective parts in its sales. As you know, saffron is one of the most significant products that is exported by our country, which includes at least 85% of the world’s production of this valuable product, but Iran’s share of the money that is transferred to the global saffron market is not this much.

The reason for this is only the lack of added value on saffron. Some countries like Spain buy the Iranian saffron in bulks and design it in chic packing containers; then, they resell it at a much higher price than buying it in bulks.

So, the design of saffron containers adds value and consequently increases its sales in the world. This issue will increase Iran’s share of saffron trades in the world.

Sadaf Pack Co. that has been designing and producing saffron packing containers for more than 40 years has valuable experiences in the production of saffron packages. It is interesting to know that the production volume of Sadaf Pack containers equals 50% of the saffron which is produced in the world.

This article presents Sadaf Pack’s experiences concerning one of the key factors in creating added value on this product that is how to design the saffron packages.

saffron packaging design

The components of Saffron packages

Before taking any action for designing, you should know that a saffron package has several parts. You should see all of these parts together.

Saffron packing containers

Saffron’s packages are the part where the saffron is put. These containers are produced in different shapes with diverse capacities and in different materials. Normally, the company which produces these packages offers various types of saffron containers, which usually cover the needs of an enormous part of the market, and due to mass production, the price of saffron containers produced by them is very reasonable.

But if you would like to have a special package, you should know that the cost of their production will be high for you. The steps are as follows:

Packing boxes

Generally, all saffron packages have a special packing carton. Usually, the producer of saffron packages also offers a decorative box next to the package itself, and you can change the design of the saffron packing carton depending on your needs or tastes.

Of course, in models through which saffron is packed in plastic packages, a card is used to store it.

Keep in mind that the information on the saffron package should be on this section:

Multi packs of saffron

Sometimes it is possible to provide several packages of saffron in just a carton, which is considered for easier transportation. The company that produces saffron containers usually has a light carton for it when presenting the containers that you should design according to your taste, if necessary.

Mother carton of saffron’s packing containers

The mother carton of saffron’s packaging is intended only for easier transportation and protecting the cargo from damage. Here, again, the company which has produced saffron’s packages does the same, but if you have an export cargo, you can design this carton.

saffron packaging carton

Designing saffron’s containers in order to increase its sales

The design of saffron’s packages should have other practical features that are more psychological and advertising, the features which focus on increasing saffron sales.

Paying attention to the culture of saffron’s customers

To design saffron’s packages, you must be aware of the culture and tastes of its consumers in different countries. The more you know about the customs of different countries and interests of different nations, the higher the likelihood of its sales and the more popular the saffron’s packages will be.

The effect of packets’ color on increasing saffron sales

Most companies which produce saffron use the following color combination in designing saffron’s containers:

Make sure that this is not without reason. The reason for using red and yellow is exactly because they are the same colors as saffron, but sometimes in the design of saffron’s containers, black is used to make a slight difference.

You can create a character by selecting and designing a suitable container for saffron and use it for your advertising goals.

Moreover, you can use the psychology of colors to choose the right color mixture. Colors have a great effect on people. It can even be claimed that first of all and at first glance, this is the color of the saffron’s export box that attracts people’s attention.

Each color induces a special meaning and concept for people. Choosing attractive colors can bring your product in the eyes of the viewer among a mass of products.

design metal container

The importance of appearance in increasing sales

Based on the principles and behavior, the appearance of the saffron’s box which is intended for exportation can be the same all over the world, it is essential to know about this issue; but in some different cultures and ethnicities it can be affected by minor changes and different demonstrations.

The language used on the containers

English can be used as an international language on saffron’s export containers, but the impact of the target country’s mother tongue on sales should not be unnoticed.

So, in designing saffron’s containers, pay attention to the fact that if your containers are sold in international markets, you should use English, but if you know your product is sold in local and non-multinational markets, try to use the language of that region.

For example, if you want to sell saffron in Arab countries, it is better to use Arabic in the design of saffron’s containers.


Although in this article we tried to share our experiences in designing packing containers of saffron in Sadaf Pack Co., we must also tell you that in many cases, the production of saffron containers is accompanied by high details and the lack of sufficient experience in designing saffron packing containers can impose a lot of extra costs on you, dear colleagues. We are sure that the variety of saffron packing containers in Sadaf Pack Co. is so much that it will answer your taste.

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