Saffron Tin-box packaging containers are among the most popular packaging containers for exporting saffron to European and American countries. saffron Tin-box packaging containers enjoy high quality and are highly durable, besides, they are a display of authentic Iranian art to the world. If you are looking for the best Tin-box container for saffron packaging but wish to gain more information about them, like the price, before purchasing saffron Tin-box containers, read this article. you could also visit the saffron tin-box container page

Khatam-Kari (Inlaid Work) Art & Industry

Khatam-Kari includes forming a geometric, mosaic-like, or triangular design using colorful and regular polygons on a surface to create a regular design, which is beautiful and spectacular. Khatam-Kari is one of the most beautiful and authentic Iranian handicrafts. Creating this art requires the artist’s virtuosity and artistic view together with a large amount of time, precision, and patience.

Indigenous materials are used in creating most of a Khatam piece. Various kinds of wood such as walnut, ebony, jujube, sour orange, etc., various types of bones including elephant tusk, camel bones, etc. together with metal wires made of brass, aluminum, and even silver are among the most important raw materials of Khatam-Kari.

These saffron Tin-box containers are popular with customers from various countries and cultures owing to their traditional patterns. saffron Tin-box containers are very popular inside Iran as well as in foreign countries. Thus, many saffron manufacturers and distribution companies, with wholesale or retail activities, use saffron Tin-box containers for their special customers inside the country as well as for exporting.

Application of Khatam-Kari in Manufacturing Tin-box Containers for saffron Packaging

Saffron Tin-box containers are supplied with design on a Tin sheet. These containers are used for saffron packaging and other export commodities in a variety of sizes, from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, and of high quality. saffron Tin-box containers have a cover inside the saffron packaging container which prevents any contamination.

saffron Tin-box containers are one of the best options for export saffron packaging. Most people around the world are interested in saffron Tin-box containers due to their fabulous color and design, strength and high durability, and the ability to preserve the food product inside them.

The materials used for saffron Tin-box containers are mainly metal and mica. Inside these saffron packaging containers is covered with Cashmere, which is used in various colors but red is its most popular color. These saffron packaging containers are opened and closed by push-on lids.

These saffron packaging containers are manufactured in different sizes. Saffron can be packaged in these containers from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Larger saffron Tin-box containers are normally used for packaging dried fruits and nuts.

It must be noted that saffron Tin-box containers are light-weighted and easy to transport although they are made of metal. Therefore, these saffron packaging containers are the best choice for export saffron packaging and exporting saffron to the European and American countries.

The Best Tin-box Containers for Saffron Packaging

saffron Tin-box containers are the best and most ideal saffron packaging containers. The price of saffron Tin-box containers is cost-effective considering the high sales volume of this type of saffron packaging. saffron Tin-box containers and wooden boxes are considered luxury saffron packaging containers with a lot of costumers in foreign countries.

saffron Tin-box containers are manufactured and supplied in a variety of shapes including the following:

The price of saffron Tin-box containers is determined considering their weight and size. The smaller the saffron Tin-box container the lower their price. Please go to reputable domestic stores such as Sadaf Pack for purchasing saffron Tin-box containers at wholesale prices.

saffron Tin-box containers of Sadaf Pack are supplied at fair prices and they print the name of your brand on the can. These cans are mostly used for saffron packaging, however, they can be used for packaging other food products such as dried fruits and nuts.

Sadaf Pack saffron Tin-box containers have the most flamboyant patterns, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. more than 15 patterns are available now for you to choose and feel the best pattern on you’re saffron packaging container. Sadaf Pack has combined Iranian art with world standards and quality to provide the manufacturers and exporters of our country with the best product possible.


Tin-box containers are among the most beautiful and fabulous saffron packagings. These saffron packaging containers go down well with the customers, therefore, many saffron manufacturers and traders use Tin-box containers for supplying their products in the domestic and foreign markets.

Considering their high quality, life cycle, and high sales volume in the global market, the Tin-box containers are very cost-effective. The price of Tin-box containers changes regarding market demand and exchange rate. Regarding their material and quality, Tin-box containers have a quite reasonable price. Anyone with any financial status can choose these containers for saffron packaging.

Tin-box containers are made of metal, thus, they are strong and highly durable. This impressive and beautiful art and industry has mesmerized people around the world as well as the people inside Iran. One of the main reasons for their high sales volume is the beauty and glamor of Tin-box containers.

Finally, metal and wooden boxes and Velvet covered boxes can be used for enhancing the beauty of Tin-box containers besides making this export product more authentic. Sadaf Pack can engrave the name of your brand on the number-one metal and wooden boxes and improve their sales.

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